Monument by Mathias Skeibrok over the theologist and social scientist Eilert Lund Sundt. It was made in 1890 and erected in 1892. Photo before conservation.

Close up of the bronze bust which was very corroted and discolored due to bird droppings.

Close up after washing, cleaning and waxing.

The monument at Olaf Ryes Plass in Oslo after conservation.

Robert Jacobsens “Year 2072” before conservation.

“Year 2072” in Gladsaxe County after conservation.

Robert Jacobsens colossus iron scrap sculpture “Constructive Sculpture” from 1969 before conservation.

Robert Jacobsens sculpture after treatment.

“The Isted Lion” meets Rudolph Tegners “Towards the Light”.

The Isted Lion before remounting.

The Isted Lion revealed in 2012.

One of six zinc sphinxs on the Royal Danish Theater before conservation.

Remounting the sphinxs th. 22. of december 2015.

“Amfitrite” before conservation.

“Amfitrite” after conservation. A test mounting.

Helge Holmskovs “Birds and fishes” from 1972 before conservation.

“Birds and fishes” after conservation.

Viggo Jarls “Narcissus” erected in 1965 before conservation.

“Narcissus” after thorough conservation and surface treatment.

A monumental Robert Jacobsen colossus in painted iron.

Demounting 24 zinc vases on the dome of Frederiks Church in 2011.

Mounting the first four vases after five years.

Hercules led putti before conservation at Rosenborg Castle.

Abraham César-Lamoureux’ Hercules putti from late 17th century after conservation.

Niels Henrik Daniel Bohrs bust before conservation.

Sculptor Jørgen Gudmundsen-Holmgreens bust of Niels Bohr at Vor Frue Plads ca. 1957 after conservation.

Inspection of the Caritas Fountains sculpture group in Copenhagen.

Gilding after cleaning and patinating.

Replacing the sculpture group.

The Fountain with four gold apples on the regents birthday.

Bronze statue by Viggo Jarl before conservation at Frederiks Church.

Bronze statue erected in 1922 after conservation and surface treatment.

H. W. Bissens statue depicting Thomas Kingo before conservation.

Bronze statue erected in Copenhagen 1910 after conservation.

The dial from the tower of Hornbæk Church before restoration.

The dial after registration and careful sandblasting.

The dial after restoration and gilding of frame, dial and clock hands.

The frame, dial and clock hands seen from a distance after restoration.

One of ten zinc sculptures on the tower of Rosenborg Castle before restoration.

The zinc sculpture after restoration. Notice the new limestone piedestal.

Zinc statue of Hercules believed to be made by Carl Rohl-Smith. Statue placed on the northern gable of Rosenborg Castle. Photo after conservation.

Zinc legionary on the southern gable of Rosenborg Castle after conservation.

Statue of Soren Kierkegaard by Knud Nellemose before conservation.

After conservation treatment. The statue was cast in bronze by Rolsteds Bronze Workshop.

The bust resembling Einar Holbøll in Charlottenlund before conservation.

The bust on top of the monument after conservation treatment.

Gypsum statue resembling Soren Kierkegaard damaged during transportation.

Gypsum statue by Carl Aarsleff and Hans Peder Pedersen-Dan from 1918 after           conservation treatment.

Bronze bust depicting Ludvig Mathias Lindeman organist and composer at Our Saviors Church in Oslo. Picture before conservation.

The bust is created by sculptor C. L. Jacobsen an erected in 1906. Photo after conservation and surface treatment in June 2019.

The stele over W. A. Wexels who was priest at Our Saviors Church in Oslo from 1819 – 1866. Picture before conservation.

Also this bust is created by sculptor C. L. Jacobsen but erected in 1909. Photo after conservation treatment in June 2019.

Atlas created by sculptor Nicolai Outzen Schmidt in 1899. Statue cast in zinc with a copper ball resembling the universe on top of the generator building at Carlsberg City.

Carl Johan Bonnesens “Barbar” before conservation of bronze and restoration of the lime stone pillar. Photo from 2014 in the garden of The Hirchsprungske Collection.

The bronze sculpture during conservation.

The Barbar after reerection in 2017.

Detail photo. Notice the “leather” saddle and the “wood” shield.

Before conservation. Nature scientist og zoologist Johannes Japetus Smith Steenstrup (1813 – 1897) by sculptor Vilhelm Bissen.

After conservation. Bust erected at Vor Frue Plads 1898. The bust was made after a smaller model created by Herman Wilhelm Bissen in 1866.

The Horse at Kongens Nytorv before conservation treatment in 2019.

One of the statues during treatment.

Avind under the horse.

The Horse during removal of the scaffolding.

The Monument at Kongens Nytorv after conservation treatment in december 2019.

Thomas Kingo by Bissen at The Marble Church before conservation treatment.

Thomas Kingo after conservation treatment.

Zinc statues in the garden of Frederiks Church 2009.

Carl Rohl-Smiths Moses and Theobald Steins Martin Luther waiting.

Johannes The Baptist by sculptor Carl Rohl-Smith made in 1885 – 1887 before conservation treatment.

The remounting of Johannes The baptist in October 2009 after restoration.

The fastening of the zinc statue to the piedestal with a 22 mm stainless steel anchor.

All in a days work…

A led statue from late 1700. It is believed that it was made by Abraham César-Lamoureux. Photo from before restoration.

Close up of Hercules face.

The left half of the statue is mechanically cleaned.

End of conservation treatment for this guy this time.

One of Copenhagens small oasis.

The conservation of an oven in The Eremitage Castle in Dyrehaven North of Copenhagen.

Two zinc statues made by sculptor Brynjulf Bergslien. They are placed on the facade of The Bazaar Halls in Oslo. Photo before conservation.

The remounting of the two statues at 3 am. in order to avoid traffic and pedestrians.

The two statues situated on the wall next morning after conservation and replacement.

Brynjulf Bergslien was influenced by Bertel Thorvaldsen when studying in Copenhagen from 1854 – 1861.

The Pomona Fountain behind Oslo Cathedral before conservation.

Pomona on top of the fountain. Before conservation.

Demounting the fountain base in 2014.

Totally restored Pomona Fountain painted black to resemble cast iron.

Pomona on top of her fountain in 2017.

Washing the equistrian statue of king Christian the IX in Slagelse before patinating it.

Brynjulf Bergsliens monumental zinc statue to his friend P. C. Asbjørnsen from 1891 was tagged all over.

A tendensy to draw and write on the statue had developed since 1905 so it was in need for restoration.

Remounting the statue on to the base of the totally restored monument in Sankt Hans Haugen 2012.

Carl Aarsleffs “Veritas” before conservation.

The gipsum medalion “Veritas” after conservation with a new transport and storage frame.